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Designer Morganne Bello

Morganne Bello: the creator’s journey

Early on, the designer knew she was to accomplish something grand. A precocious certainty, a simple path, a destiny in the crosshairs, a smile, a passion.
Taking a head start at 18, she flew off to Brazil where she discovered the universe of gemstones. Her calling blossomed in those Southern lands, the trip unveiling her reason to live. Se launched a company specialized in the import of gemstones and built a strong reputation in a field once off-limits to women. She traveled endlessly.

Her clients see her as a woman able to create colourful jewelry, she therefore rapidly dove into personalized creations. In 2004, she founded Morganne Bello. A true and authentic success, an absolute trendsetter.
Morganne Bello speaks to women in a way that enchants them. She observes, finds unconventional paths to their happiness. Her creations are accessible, romantic, and poetic. The colours are bright, the gems are delicate, and her pieces are honest and unique.
She has become a reference, a familiar face in the world of chic jewelry, one whose pieces have inspired many others.

LAYONE, the new jewelry brand by designer Morgane Bello

True to her vocation, the designer creates fine jewellery on a rich palette of fine stones that she is often the only one to offer.

LAYONE, it is the universe of the designer Morganne Bello which unfolds. The Morganne Bello brand was her. LAYONE is even more her. This name, inspired by her own astrological sign, contains all the energy and benevolence of the creator. It is addressed to all women, it is a pure sensation, a new declaration of love from a woman to women.

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